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Volodymyr Shirokov LANGUAGE. INFORMATION. SYSTEM PROJECT «UKRAINIAN SCIENTIFIC BOOK IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE» Publishing house “Akademperiodyka” ISBN: 978-966-360-451-0, Kyiv 2021 https://doi.org/10.15407/akademperiodyka.451.164
The monograph deals with the information properties of natural human language. The phenomenological approach, underlying the author’s research paradigm, requires a special view on the notions of information and system, which are fundamental concepts of his theory. The author's interpretation of Kolmogorov’s theory of information, based on the concept of algorithmic complexity, provided an opportunity to identify in the structure of this theory of system-forming relations of language «subject – object» and «form – content». Such a generalization gave the author grounds to formulate a fundamental for his theory concept of lexicographic effect in information systems. The latter is universal and clarifies the information mechanisms of generation in systems of any nature of discrete complexes of relatively stable entities, combinations of which reflect all the phenomena occurring in these systems. The lexicographic effect provided the phenomenological basis for V. Shirokov’s to construct the theory of lexicographic systems, which for the lexicographic description of language plays the same role as the theory of formal grammars for its grammatical description. The author also developed the theory of semantic states of language units. Its application provided a formal apparatus for constructing an integrated description of the language system by combining grammar and lexicographic descriptions in a unified theoretical model. Based on these theories, the author developed the concept of virtual systems of professional collaboration in linguistics, resulting in models of virtual lexicographic laboratories, number of which are practically implemented in the Ukrainian Ligua-Information Fund and successfully used in major lexicographic projects. The development of these ideas in the modern civilizational-evolutionary context stimulates the emergence of ideas of quantum linguistics, which is currently in the field of scientific predictions.

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