2013 №1 січень-лютий

СТАТТІ                                                     ARTICLES

    Matviyas I. H. Interaction between the East Ukrainian and West Ukrainian variants of the literary language in the formation of syntactical standars
    Kiklevych A. One lexical-grammatical incident: substantivization of Russian adjective kruglyj
    Styshov O. A. Nominations of persons in the contemporary Ukrainian
    Kots T. A. Early 20-th century publicistic style as the source of syntactical norm formation
    Horpynych V. O. Grammatical typology of the Latin and Ukrainian toponymy
    Verbych S. O. Slavonic language heritage of the hydronymy of the Lower Dnister
    Ivashchenko V. L. Framing and communicative terminology in foreign linguistics
    Chemerkin S. H. Globalization and modern linguistic processes
    Kudriavtseva N. S. Cognitive methodology: a perspective of empirical approach

ЛИСТ ДО РЕДАКЦІЇ                            A LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Shyrokov V. Remarks on the article by V. V. Nimchuk «On the contemporary Ukrainian Explanatory lexicography»


Shulezhkova S. Diadechko L. P., Petrenko O. V., Pradid Yu. F. 250 aphorisms by M. Gogol: A Ukrainian-Russian Dictionary / 250 aphorisms by N. Gogol: A Russian-Ukrainian Dictionary .


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