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According to international standards, publications of the journal "Movoznavstvo" are subject to mandatory internal and external (double-blind) peer-review.

The article is sent to two external reviewers appointed by the editor-in-chief without the approval of the editorial board. Reviews are confidential and comply with the ethical policies of the publication.

Manuscript evaluation criteria:

  • relevance, scientific novelty;
  • clarity of tasks;
  • consistency and validity of conclusions;
  • sufficiency of the source database provided by the authors;
  • linguistic and stylistic characteristics of the text.

Reviewers are not allowed to use the research results presented in the article for publication.

Reviewers may suggest:

  • recommend for publication;
  • recommend for publication (after revision);
  • reject publication;
  • assign additional peer review.

The final decision on the recommendation for publication is made by the editor-in-chief and the international editorial board.

Main reasons for rejection:

  • inconsistency of the proposed materials with the journal’s aims; · plagiarism and / or self-plagiarism (see Anti-Plagiarism System);
  • low scientific quality of the article;
  • there is no relevance and novelty of the study;
  • insufficient evidence base for scientific results, incomplete or illogical conclusions;
  • violation of the publication's ethical policy;
  • incorrect linguistic-stylistic and technical design
список известных личностей и коллекционеры живописи

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