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Ethical policy

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The journal "Movoznavstvo" adheres to all ethical norms and rules, as well as those that are regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Editorial policy is based on the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).In accordance with the requirements of COPE, in particular in terms of compliance with the copyright on electronic information resources, the materials of the electronic version of the journal can not be reproduced in full or in part in any form (electronic or printed) without the prior written consent of the authors and the Editorial Board of the journal "Movoznavstvo". In the case of articles published in the journal in the context of other documents, references (hyperlinks) to the source are REQUIRED.

Editorial team:

üencourages and supports scientific integrity and virtue, adheres to editorial independence, and gives priority to discussions;
ügives preference to intellectual standards and levels of materials, rather than financial and political benefits and commercial considerations;
üdoes not provide other persons with any information related to the content of the manuscript under review, except those involved in the professional evaluation of the article. After the final positive conclusion of the Editorial Board, the article is published in the journal, the annotations (in Russian and English) and references are published on the website; the digital version of the article is transmitted to the corresponding electronic resources of the Vernadsky National Library.


üare fully responsible for materials submitted to the Editorial Board, which must be properly designed, contain up-to-date and novelty research;
üconfirm that the article, review, or chronicle submitted for review has not been previously published (in whole or in part);
üare responsible for the accuracy of the facts, the correctness of the sources used and the quotations;
üshould report any potential conflict of interest that could affect the publication of the results contained in their manuscript:
üguarantee the absence of contractual relations or property rights that could affect the publication of the information presented in the manuscript.


üevaluates the manuscript without taking into account the authors' ethnic, gender, religious or political views;
ümust ensure confidentiality of all materials related to the publication;
üevaluates the importance of the provided materials for linguistics, and documents it;
üshould take into account the possibility of a conflict of interest when the manuscript provided to them is closely related to their current or published study. If in doubt, the Reviewer should immediately return the manuscript without a review, informing the Editorial team of the conflict of interests. Reviews are stored for three years in the Editorial Office.

If the authors violate the ethical requirements, the material may be rejected.

The Editorial Board ensures complete anonymity in the "Author – Reviewer(s)" relationship system. Reviewers cannot use the research results presented in the articles they reviewed.

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