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Copyright and Licensing

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The Creative Commons Attribution License international CC-BY guarantees the preservation of copyright, as well as the rights of the Journal "Movoznavstvo" to publish original scientific articles containing the results of theoretical and experimental research, as well as reviews of scientific publications that are not considered for publication in other publishers.

 The Editorial Board of the Journal "Movoznavstvo" has the right to distribute the printed and electronic version of the article, in particular, to post it on the official website of the Journal, in electronic databases, repositories, etc.

 The author reserves the right, without the consent of the Editorial Board and the founders, to use (in whole or in part) materials published in the Journal "Movoznavstvo": a) for educational purposes; b) for writing their own dissertations and monographs; c) for preparing abstracts, conference reports, and presentations.

After the expiration of the period of detention of electronic copies of the publication (24 months from the date of publication and 12 months after the publication of the full-text electronic version in the Archive), authors have the right to post electronic copies of the article (including the final electronic version downloaded from the official website of the Journal) on:

  • personal web resources of all authors (websites, blogs, etc.);
  • web resources of institutions where Authors work (including electronic institutional repositories);
  • non-commercial open access resources.

 With the author's consent, third parties have the right to distribute the materials of the Journal "Movoznavstvo" electronically no earlier than 24 months after the publication of the paper version of the journal or 12 months after the publication of the full-text electronic version on the official website.

Distribution of paper copies taken from publications in the Journal "Movoznavstvo" by third parties is prohibited. Paper copies published by the publishing house with which the Editorial Board of the Journal "Movoznavstvo" cooperates can be provided by subscription or free of charge (by agreement of the founder with the relevant institution) for permanent or temporary use. The Editorial Board is not responsible for non-receipt by the reader, institution, or organization of a copy of the journal ordered in the retail network or by subscription.

Electronic copying (photographing, scanning) with subsequent free access is allowed no earlier than 24 months after the paper version of the corresponding issue of the journal is published or 12 months after electronic version is published on the official website. In advertising ads (using the cover photo), you must specify the website address of the Journal "Movoznavstvo": https://movoznavstvo.org.ua/

The site materials must not be reproduced in whole or in part in any form (electronic or printed) without the prior written permission of the Editorial Board.

In all cases, the presence of a bibliographic link to the article or a link to its electronic copy contained on the website of the Journal "Movoznavstvo" is mandatory.


Disputes can be discussed in electronic correspondence.

Editorial Office address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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